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Future Updates

Greetings everyone,

It's me Blue and I'm here to inform you a bit about what is to come for my website. For one I recently been taking part in the World Anvil's World Ember event. This is an event focused on world building and is helping me to some fine touches to the two worlds I'm essentially creating. From this I plan to do artwork based on these projects that I hope to showcase here.

I"m also working on my prototype and hope to show off my characters soon enough. The plan is to show off concept art and 3d renders. I also plan to show off the level I'm working on.

The true focus of my time though is the short stories I'm planning to publish. They take place in the chronicles of unsu world and I hope to publish the first one next month. I can't show you, but I do plan to show off my progress on the cover.

Well that's it for now. I hope my next post will come with links to my work on world ember. I will also put together a bit of a road map for the content t come.

For now, I'll be seeing ya.


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