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Chronicles of Unsu has changed a lot since I first thought of the concept. Once a Wild west dark fantasy, now a bit more steampunk with a still tinge of darkness. First of the series will go under Stories of the Burning Anvil.

The Burning Anvil is a tavern based in the city of Salire with in the frozen lands. Here humans build a life under the protection of the empire. When the war between the empire and beast clans end., the city is put into conflict as they ran the factories that supported the war.

Now years later a young woman bought the old tavern after many adventurers in the western lands. She hopes to grow her tavern into the best tavern in the city, while doing her best to help those who would need a little advice in dealing with their troubles.

Many patrons of the tavern will find them selves in trouble or simply have to over come some trials in their bid for survival in the city and the frozen lands.


Thanks to the power of reallusion products like Character Creator 3 and Iclone 7, I am able to create detailed characters. With Plugins like Headshots, I am able to get a jumpstart in the look I'm going for and can easily do further tweaking with Zbrush to take it to the next level.


Also with the power of Unreal I'm able to build my game the way I want. Able to craft a large open world that can be filed with intresting places to explore.

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