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My Stories

A list of stories that I published or posted on different sites.


Outlaws of the Edge

In the world of Unsu its all about the survival of the fittest. A world where the strong and the smartest do what ever they can to make it another day. And in the group of territories known as the Edge it's even more so as outlaws steal what the hard working have created for themselves. It is here where a group of outlaws try to make it big when they pull off a heist on a train. Will they be successful or will they fail. Find out in Outlaws of the edge a Chronicles of Unsu story.

Future Stories

Future stories following different heroes across the world of Unsu will be told. Ace an old bounty hunter who's over the hill and Nevarr a banished deminor who had her magic sealed away are just a taste of heroes who's stories will be told. Along with Characters like Raxium a man who would one day become the Lord of Chaos.

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