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Characters of Unsu

There are different characters you will encounter over the course of the game. Some important and some interesting side characters.


Ace Cardia is an old bounty hunter who's been drowning in his guilt for failing his goddaughter and friends. Now he tries to get himself together, thanks to his goddaughter being back in his life. Hoping to show her the ropes so she can fend for her self against those who may target her.

Ace Cardia


Nevarr ov Talion

Nevarr ov Talion is a half-breed between two magical races. A young woman who was on her way to becoming a proud shaman of the Deminor people. Sadly things went south and she's ended up banished for dabbling in forbidden magic. With her magic sealed she was forced to seek aid from her godfather. Now she tries to adapt and find a way to reclaim what was lost.

Slash Twins

The Slash Twins are two fenrians who have been causing problems in the edge. They are backed by some human bandits who benefit from the imposing strength of the two young warriors.

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