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Michael Blue


I'm an aspiring writer and artist who's currently working on my own stories and creations.

Professional Info


I currently work at a small company that is trying to create a fun way to educate about history. I'm also doing the finishing touches on what I call a wild west dark fantasy.

Work Experience


Freelance Animator/Modeler- Artificial Wisdom

2012 - 2022


I work at a small company handling their character animations and character models. We currently use Unity to aid in making the game we are working on.


Freelance Logo Design


I designed a logo for a small baking company that was just starting up.



Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale- Bachelors in Game art and Design


I studied Game art and Design at the Art Institute of Fort lauderdale back in 2004. I graduated in 2008 four years later,




Character Animation

Character Modeling

Character Sculpting

Character Texturing

Level Design

Game Design

Use of Zbrush

Use of 3ds Max

Use of Substance Painter

Use of Unity

Use of Unreal

Use of Marvelous Designer




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