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Introduction to Chronicles of Unsu

The world of unsu is a world of blood and iron. Where a good gun can get you far and a bit of rune magic can get you farther. A world where men and beast-men walk side by side as they do their best to find their place in the world. Where nations struggle to maintain peace as new ideas class with tradition. Where the sins of the past creep up to curse those who try their best to deny it.

This is Chronicles of Unsu, a wild west dark fantasy set during a time of false peace and great change. Where those in power seek to maintain control as those without rise up. Where great change brings about consequences even to those standing on the sidelines. A place where magic is strong even as science moves to become it's equal.

Chronicles of Unsu is filled with the stories of heroes and monsters. Of magic and wonderment. It is a world or setting where different realities are connected and are in constant conflict due to the difference in how their worlds work. It is a place where different races try to find their path after killing the ancient beings they worshipped as gods. It is a place where powerful artifacts hide in the dark as potential tools of destruction and maybe hope. This is a world at the very beginning of its own industrial revolution that conflicts with its magical connection with nature.

It is a world where the young must grow up or be swallowed by the darkness of the world.

Welcome to the Chronicles of Unsu

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Chronicles of Unsu

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